Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Week (Do we have to go home?)

Lunch at Eddie's one last time.

Irish Trash Can please!  Three years in a row.  Can't wait until we have the fourth one.

Spider Cheese!

Papa had a couple adventures on this boat.

Papa and Brady

Hanging With the Coopers

YEAH!  They are finally here!

I think Scarlet likes the boat.

Swimming at Eddie's.


Looks like trouble! Where do I begin the story about the blue paddle boat...

Finally!  We see the moose hanging on the island.

Get me off this thing. 

The new toy is up and running.

Tristin Cooper (AKA The Duck Hunter)

Little Syd's first fish ever, caught on her birthday!
Many adventures this week of the trip.  Basically many stories we will never forget and have laughed very hard about since.  Why would the Sheriff and the Auxiliary Coast Guard be on the Island and patrolling the waters by our house?  Well... you have to ask Little Syd and Brady about that.  Why did there used to be eight little ducklings in the duck family that lives across the river from our house and  now there are only seven?  Well...  you have to ask Tristin about that.  My lips are sealed.

Surprise Visit

Alicia, Pam and Tim came to visit next.

Bailey'a Boat Ride

 Bailey was so happy to come with us and not be left at the house.  We love our old dog.

Riverfront Park Spokane

We took a trip to the falls in Spokane for a day in between house guests.  We discovered Brady is not  fan of heights.  He was not happy stuck in the people mover that had a glass bottom that hovered 50 feet over the falls.  Sydney had a fun time torturing her brother swinging the gondola so it felt like it would fall down.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Couer d'Alene 2011

The first visitors to head our way, were Dana, Larry and Tanner.  So much fun family time.  Thanks Uncle Larry for helping to build our new fire pit.  I never got a picture of the finished product. :(

Happy Birthday Brady

Brady is six.  Wondering where the time has gone...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patriots Baseball

Brady had a blast with his Patriot's team this season.  His young tournament team did not bring home any trophies, but they did improve and they definetely had fun.  These boys are some awesome little ballers and I can not wait until they are the big six year old's next season.